History behind the 2008 prayer pilgrimage

History Behind First October 2008 Prayer Pilgrimage

The inland areas of Victoria and New South Wales had been in the grip of a severe drought for seven years. Some places had suffered longer. This caused unspeakable hardship for the farmers and regional communities in the inland areas. The Murray Darling river system was in a very poor state with no water for irrigation for many years now. The Federal Government instituted a forced buy back of irrigation rights because the situation was so serious.  In 2007, Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery made this claim  that Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems Scientists  warned of an irreversible ecological disaster in the Murray Darling.

Warwick Marsh and Ps Peter Walker were moved by the seriousness of the situation and with the support of the Australian Prayer Network and the Indigenous Prayer Network, Christian groups and individuals all over Australia they undertook a prayer pilgrimage along the Murray River from the Hume Weir to the Mildura Wentworth junction of the Murray Darling from the 30th September to the 1st of October 2008 .It might be noted that this prayer pilgrimage was just one of hundreds of prayer events praying for an end to the drought and the healing for the river system. The National Solemn Assembly in 2007 was a drought breaking event in more ways than one. See this link for further confirmation of this reality: http://ausprayernet.org.au/solemn_final_report.php

The purpose of the Murray Darling Prayer Pilgrimage was to rally people together to pray for a final end to the drought and for a flood of rain to fill the dams and clean out the Murray Darling River System and avert a human and ecological disaster. In the last 3 and half years God has more than answered these prayers. We enclose a link to our Murray Darling Prayer Report 2008 http://vimeo.com/1936082 It is quite fascinating to see this Video report in the light of the recent rains and floods. The place where this report was shot near Hay would now be well under water as of the 21/3/12.

We have a lot to be thankful about.  See the original 60 Second Video invitation on Albury TV: http://albury.magnify.net/video/Murray-Darling-Prayer-Pilgrimag

Check out the original News Article that went around the world here care of Ramon Williams. Mavis Lutton is mentioned in this article along with your church: http://au.christiantoday.com/article/murray-darling-prayer-pilgrimage-an-answer-to-prayer/4480.htm


Some other Articles from the Time: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2008/s08100053.htm




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