'River of Life’ Murray-Darling Thanksgiving Tour

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‘River of Life’ Murray-Darling Thanksgiving Tour

25 - 28 March 2012 

The drought has broken and the rivers are running again and are full of new life. Most of this has happened since the Murray-Darling October 2008 Prayer Pilgrimage. The inland areas of Victoria and New South Wales had been in the grip of a severe drought for over seven years. Some places had suffered longer. In 2008 many scientists were warning of an ecological disaster in the Murray-Darling River Basin. In 2007, Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery made the claim that ‘Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems’.

Warwick Marsh and Ps Peter Walker were moved by the seriousness of the situation and with the support of the Australian Prayer Network and the Indigenous Prayer Network, Christian groups and individuals all over Australia, they undertook a prayer pilgrimage along the Murray River from the Hume Weir to the Mildura-Wentworth junction of the Murray Darling, 30 September to 1 October 2008. This prayer pilgrimage was just one of hundreds of prayer events praying for an end to the drought and the healing for the river system, such as the National Solemn Assembly in 2007.

Warwick Marsh coordinator of the Thanksgiving Tour said, “The good news is God has heard our

prayers. we have a lot to be thankful for and so are organising the ‘River of Life’ Murray-Darling Thanksgiving Tour 25-28 March 2012. In October 2008 the Hume Weir, was sitting on approx 30%. Currently it is 90% and filling. The Dartmouth which was approx 25% in October 2008 is currently 81% and filling.  These are the two main storage facilities for the Murray and usually this is their low season. Melbourne and Victorian dams have more than doubled since 2008. In NSW the Blowering and the Burrinjuck Dams, which feed the Murrumbidgee, are both sitting on 96% and 92% respectively. The five other biggest dams in NSW are between 98% and 123%. Warragamba dam achieved 105% with water over the spillway on 2 March 2012. The most recent inflows have all happened since the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 19 February 2012.”

Ps Peter Walker, Indigenous Elder, said, “De Quiros, an early Spanish explorer in 1606, called Australia and its regions ‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’.  I believe these floods are a sign to all Australians of the soon coming out pouring of the Holy Spirit across all of Australia. The Scripture says, ‘First the natural then the spiritual’. Both Warwick and I talked about it in a Vimeo report on our 2008 prayer pilgrimage in the dry river bed near Hay, NSW, which is now under water.  The ‘River of Life’ talked about in Ezekiel 47 is now flowing in this nation and soon everyone will see the signs of this revival and restoration for themselves. Four years ago all the river experts were saying it was the death of the Murray Darling River System. Thankfully they were wrong and the rivers are alive with new life! The same thing is going to happen with the coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit”.

Invitation- Pray or come to ‘River of Life’ Thanksgiving Tour   25 - 28 March 2012

Warwick Marsh said, “Ps Peter Walker and I are asking are asking community leaders, Christian ministers, Members of Parliament and members of the public to join with us in special Thanksgiving Prayer Services along the river. We invite others to join us on the journey. It is our goal to create a film documentary of the many answered prayers from the current Thanksgiving Pilgrimage and combine it with our 2008 footage to show Australia the miracle of answered prayer.”

Prayer Team Contact Details

Warwick Marsh - Co-ordinator: 0418 225 212                        Ps Peter Walker - Indigenous Elder:  0408 527 232

Philip Meeks - Logistics:   0414 903 977                     Wesley Leung - Cameraman: 0433 350 650




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