In July 2009 Warwick & Alison, with daughter Melodie, visited the International House of Prayer for all nations (IHOP) in Kansas City  During their time in Kansas City Warwick interviewed, and recorded on camera, Ps Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer for all nations. IHOP has been conducting continuous prayer and worship for world missions since 1999. Currently IHOP has several thousand intercessors and worshippers praying around the clock for 24 hours a day. Warwick also conducted interviews with many others in the USA about the phenomenon of night and day prayer. Australian Heart Ministries has a goal to produce an Australian documentary for TV and a 2 hour DVD with a back up website in order to multiply 24/7 worship and prayer to God, on behalf of Australia.  

Australian Heart Ministries has finished the first part of this project (The Power of Love) which is the completion of a 30 minute interview with Mike Bickle for the Australian Christian channel. Stage two is to put together a much more comprehensive  documentary featuring the Kansas City House of Prayer and interviews with leaders in Australia who are pioneering 24/7 prayer and worship in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Orange and Brisbane. The purpose of the documentary is that it will be shown on the Australian Christian Channel to promote 24/7 worship and prayer in Australia. Our goal is to produce a more comprehensive 2 hour DVD with more full interviews and overviews to help people who want to begin 24/7 worship and prayer in their own area.

The two hour DVD would include the full 30 minute interview with Mick Bickle as well as numerous interviews with Australian 24/7 prayer leaders al over the nation. Production would begin when we reach the halfway point in fundraising.

The 24/7 worship and prayer promotional project (including building a website) will cost $30,000 (minimum) to complete. We ask that you would prayerfully consider contributing to this exciting project. Please pray for this important prayer promotion to be successful. More finance will allow Australian Heart Ministries to use YouTube and other means to extend the message of 24/7 worship and prayer to a wider audience.

There are two options to finance this project:

Option One

Raise $30,000 by pre-sale of 1,000 X 2 hour DVDs detailing the full Australian story and history behind 24/7 Prayer and Worship at $30 each.

This would require:

a) 10 people to purchase 100 copies at $30 each which would total $3,000 per person/organisation.

b)   5 people to purchase 200 copies at $30 each which would total $6,000 per person/organisation.

Each of these 5 would receive a free high quality video promo of their 24/7 Worship and prayer project which  would help them raise further funds for their important prayer ministry amongst their own supporters and may help bring forward plans for 24/7 worship and prayer in their own communities.

Option Two

Raise donations of $30,000 in the following amounts from those who believe in and want to support and promote 24/7 Worship and Prayer in Australia.

                    1        donation of $10,000                     $ 10,000

                   2        donations of $5,000                      $10,000

                   2        donations of $2,500                      $  5,000

                   5        donations of $ 500                       $  2,500

                   6        donations of $ 250                       $  1,500

                   10      donations of $100                        $  1,000        -        Total  $30,000

Note: A combination of presales of DVDs and donations with opportunity for Tax Deductible business sponsorships over $3,000 would also be possible.



The 24/7 Prayer website is an initiative of Australian Heart Ministries. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

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